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Yala Political Group Raises Concern Over Nomination of Political Neophite, threatens Protest

The group in a statement issued on Saturday, claimed that Mrs. Beatrice Igwe has no political locus to take up such appointment in the state.



Group Raises Concern Over Nomination of Political Neophite, threatens Protest


A group under the aegis of Yala Political Concern Group has raised the alarm over the nomination of Mrs. Beatrice Igwe as commissioner.


The group, in a statement issued on Saturday by its leader, Comrade Philip Oko, claimed that Mrs. Beatrice Igwe has no political locus to take up such appointment in the state.



The statement reads in part:


“Our attention has been drawn to the recent unconventional and absurd nomination of Mrs Beatrice Igwe, Former Bursar of UNICAL, by some unscrupulous political elements from Yala, with the ulterior motive to drain the state coffers, through the Ministry of Finance.


“From our investigation, we discovered, to our utter dismay, that the nomination of Mrs. Beatrice Igwe, which is borne out of the evil motive, is a clandestine move by this self-acclaim cabals who have concluded plans to take hold of His Excellency, Senator Prince Otu’s government, since the Ministry of Finance is the life wire of any government. Their ploy is to plant her in the Ministry of Finance, in order to drain the state’s resources.



This clandestine move must be resisted at all cost for the following reasons:


1. The said nominee, Mrs. Beatrice Igwe has no political locus to take up such appointment in the state. A trace of her political antecedents leaves no credence to prove her feats as a politician that merits this position. In a clime such as Yala, where we have political gladiators who understand the nitty gritty of politics, we cannot allow such political green horn to occupy such position and decide for us.


2. Mrs Beatrice Igwe, who was the Former Bursar of the University of Calabar, has a pending case of fraud to answer with EFCC. We cannot allow such fraudulent character, with questionable social status, represent Yala. Yala is too advanced and ethically clean to be soiled by such character. Besides, His Excellency, Senator Prince Otu, has been known as a man of integrity, honesty and noble character. He should not allow someone with a questionable character into his cabinet, especially the exalted position of Commissioner of Finance, which her cohorts are pushing for.



3. We also, discovered, in the course of our investigation, that the sum of twenty million Naira (#20million) has exchanged hands in order to seal this deal. We want to use this medium to question the motive behind paying such amount. Would someone who merits a position pay such amount? Do we need a prophet to tell us that the perpetrators see this as an investment window, rather than opportunity to serve.


We call on relevant authority to investigate this unholy act and ensure all the culprits face the music. It must be made unequivocally clear that political positions, it they must serve the interest of the masses, should be earned; Cross River will become an El-dorado, if we follow due process of ensuring that people of worthy character, are elected and appointed into positions of authority.


In the light of the above, we want to appeal to the leadership of the party, the Cross River State House of Assembly, the law enforcement agencies, Yala Political leaders and His Excellency, Senator Prince Bassey Otu, to take necessary measures to ensure the needful is done.


As responsible citizens, we are poised to explore every legal means to ensure that the right thing is done. However, we are ready to take to the street in peaceful protest, if nothing is done urgently.

Mrs. Beatrice Igwe
Mrs. Beatrice Igwe


God bless Yala Nation!

God bless Cross River State!!


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


Comrade Phillip Oko,

Leader, Yala Political Concern Group


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