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Tension As Terrorist Displays Heavy Arms And Ammunition They Bought From Niger Republic [VIDEO]



The Terrorist group operating in North West and North Central Nigeria who got Billions of Naira from the Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack, killings and Kidnapping displaying VIDEO of thausands of Arms, GPMGs and Ammunition they bought from Niger Republic.

The Bandits of Northern Nigeria laced with many foreign fighters are now indoctrinated and Brainwashed to become deadly Terrorist Groups. And unfortunately they are recruiting and training hundreds of unemployed Youths in the Villages across the North everyday to increase their strength.

They Attacked the Abuja-Kaduna Train Passengers on 28/3/2022 Successfully, killed plenty innocent Souls and Kidnapped over 50 Passengers and collected Billions of Naira in Ransom, No single Terrorist among them was killed or arrested upto today.


They Attacked Kuje Prison in Abuja on 5/7/2022 Successfully and Rescued all their Terrorist members and open all the cells for over 800 prisoners to escape in an operation that lasted 3hrs without any resistance or counter attack by any of the Armed forces of Nigeria. None of the over 300 Terrorist that attacked the Prison was killed or arrested upto today.

Again they Successfully Attacked and killed the Soldiers of the Brigate of Guards that Protect the President of Nigeria in Abuja the Nation’s capital and upto today None of the Terrorist was Arrested.


Few months ago They Successfully Attacked an Army Location in Shiroro area of Niger state and killed over 30 Nigeria Army personnel and many others before kidnapping some Chinese expatriates and Nothing happened to the Terrorist and none of them Arrested or Neutralise upto today.


All the Operations by the Terrorist across the North are always Successfully and they are more stronger now than ever.

Forget the falsehood in the media sponsored by the Service Chiefs to mislead Nigerians and the President who doesn’t know the real situation on the ground in the country. The Service Chiefs are always misleading the President with Fake and Exxagerated Succeses against the Terrorist to justify the Hundreds of Billions that the Military receives to fight Terrorism. We all know how the funds are diverted, converted to US Dollers and expensive properties are bought all across the country by the Generals and Heavy dollers are hidden in many private properties across the country.

With the Billions of Naira the Terrorist Got From the Train kidnapping and many other kidnappings across the North, they have recruited Thausands of Fighters and bought Thausands of Arms, GPMGs, RPGs, AAs and Ammunition, They are planning Major Attacks In Abuja, Kaduna and neighbouring areas now. Which the US Government intercepted using her unique technical intelligence Capabilities and raise the Red flag.


Nobody should be misled that the Terrorist are destroyed, reduced etc etc. The Terrorist of North Central and North West are Stronger now than ever and They are growing in strength everyday.


May God bless Nigeria with good and Sound Leaders that cannot be deceived or Miss informed with False Reports and false informations. .

leaders that will Cross Check the Reports he gets from the Service Chiefs and others by conducting independent investigations to know what is really happening on ground.


A leader that can appoint the Right Persons as Service Chiefs, NSA and IGP. People that have Sound Proven Operational background with proven track records of formulating and executing Result Oriented Strategies that have yielded positive Results, Persons with proven knowledge and abilities in using men and limited Resources in getting things done coupled with Abilities to Re-Orient and Re-Train the Military and police personnel, Arming them Appropriately, boosting their morale and gingering them to Confront these Terrorist groups and other Dangerous Criminals across the Country head on.

With this and other None Kinetic measures like Job creations, Public Enlightenment at Family level, Schools, Churches and Moqses, Youth groups etc etc on disadvantages of crimes to the Society and country, importance of Good Moral and the need for all People to collaborate and work with the security agencies to secure themselves, their communities and the Country.

By the Grace of God, When we get this type of Patriotic leaders that can focus on all of the above then we will be sure of ending these lingering Serious insecurities issues in Nigeria.


Suleiman Shehu in Kaduna Nigeria.



Tension As Terrorist Displays Heavy Arms And Ammunition They Bought From Niger Republic 


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