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Nigerians can now decide if they want salary in Naira or Dollars

Silently millionaires are made with premium domain names, this is a business where anyone can acquire these names for cheap and have experts resell for ridiculous amount



Nigerians can now decide if they want salary in Naira or Dollars


With the current economic situation all around the world, it has become absolutely necessary to expose Nigerians here and those in diaspora to opportunities that will allow them earn in US Dollars legitimately.


As a reputable organization, we talk about opportunities that would have immense benefit for our readers, one of such is how Nigerians can work and earn US Dollars from the comfort of their homes.



Dangote Refinery To Sell Fuel To Nigerians In Dollars, Not Naira — Executive Director Gives Reasons 


It is no longer news that the current exchange rate is now about 1000 naira to $1, while this might be sad news to majority, there are a few that are not even worried, as a matter of fact, their situation get better for just one simple reason, they earn in US Dollars.


If your salary is still in naira, it’s time for you to have an urgent rethink, your take home pay may no longer take you home. Click here to join Travads




Earning in US Dollars while living in Nigeria used to be exclusive to a certain class, these individuals became super wealthy because they were exposed to the right information at that time. With the advancement in technology especially the internet, regular individuals can now earn in US Dollars right from the comfort of their homes legitimately.



Silently millionaires are made with premium domain names, this is a business where anyone can acquire these names for cheap and have experts resell for ridiculous amount, let’s give some examples:


* – $872 million.


* – $49.7 million.

* – $35.6 million.

* – $30.18 million.


* – $30 million.

* – $18 million.

* – $17 million.


All the above were acquired for cheap (some for as low as $3000-$5000) at the discount club and resold for the insane amounts you see above, Google confirmed all.



How it works

You acquire these premium domains at a ridiculously low price at the discount club and in turn resell them at the global market to the final end user for insane amount of profit. For example, you could purchase these domains for as low as $1500 or even $2500 and have it resold for as much as $25,000 to $45,000 at the global market, in some cases these domains could end up being resold for millions of dollars as shown in the examples above. Get premium domains at discount club


Would I be looking for buyers?

No, the backend team at the domain discount club of Travads will be doing all that. Their goal is to negotiate with end users. The moment you acquire the name, a special backend dashboard will be activated for you to see the entire process, that’s how transparent the business is.


Who are these end users (buyers?)

Individuals registering a new business or businesses trying to rebrand always require one thing- A domain name. Some desire just a regular name, majority desire a premium name. That’s where you come in.


These individuals and businesses we are referring to are located in advanced countries like United States, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and others. They are always willing to pay thousands of dollars and in some cases millions of dollars for the names of their new business.


Are there any guarantees?

Absolutely, premium domains are a genuine means of earning legitimately, you buy and it is resold for you. This is one thing our team is committed to achieving for our clients. We have testimonials and reviews from individuals all over the world that have benefited from this. One thing you will experience is how transparent the entire process is.Click here to start the process


Will I make money doing this?

Yes, as stated previously, the goal is ensure that you are successful at this, without any doubt acquiring a premium domain for as low as $1500 and having it sold by the backend team for as much as $30,000 is the goal. FYI, $30,000 is now ₦30 million naira.


How do I get paid?

The decision is yours, some clients insist on dollar payments while others simply want their local currency. There is a backend admin provided as soon as you become a client, you are able to add such things as your bank details, currency selection, price you want your new domain sold for etc. Click here to join Travads


Is there an office?

Yes, you can walk into any of the offices in Nigeria and USA. Majority of our clients never visit the office, a phone call or WhatsApp message is all it takes to begin the entire process. This is trust and reputation we have built over several years.


Are there people doing this?

Yes thousands of people buy premium domains on a weekly basis. As a matter of fact, clients from UK, Canada, Ireland, USA, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia and many other countries are actively involved in this.


Is Travads well reviewed? customer reviews is excellent all over the world, there are so many reviews from its many happy clients who can speak positively about them. Genuine reviews of Travads read some of them here.



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