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Jowi Zaza Biography , Net Worth , Career, Age



Full Details of Jowi Zaza Net worth And Jowi Zaza Biography  

Nigerian oil mogul Joseph Ezeokafor ( Jnr) known as Jowi Zaza. Jowi Zaza is the current CEO of Jezco Oil Nigeria Ltd, a multibillion-dollar oil and gas company that his father founded in 1980.

Jowi Zaza is one of the wealthiest young Nigerians under the age of 40. He is well-known for being open about his opulent lifestyle, and his regular posts about his lavish vacations and automobiles have transformed him into a social media celebrity.



Obi Cubana, Mompha, E-Money, Cubana Chief Priest, and other “Lagos Big Boys” are frequently likened to Jowi Zaza.

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Jowi Zaza Biography

Full name Joseph Ezeokafor (Jnr.)
Nickname Jowi Zaza
Age 36 years old
Birthday March 19, 1985
Gender Male
State of origin Anambra
Parents Joseph Ezeokafor (Snr.) – Father
Height 5″11
Marital status Single
Tribe Igbo
Career Businessman, internet personality

Jowi Zaza Biography 

Jowi Zaza’s birth and childhood.

Jowi Zaza was born in the town of Ekwulobia in Anambra State. He grew up in eastern Nigeria, primarily in the states of Anambra and Enugu.


Jowi Zaza’s education

Jowi Zaza attended the well-known Sacred Heart Seminary School in Nsude, Enugu State, for his secondary education. He was accepted to Madonna University, a private university in Okija, Anambra State, after completing his secondary education. Madonna University awarded Jowi Zaza his first graduate degree.

He went on to study post-graduate studies at Coventry University in England. Jowi Zaza also has a master’s degree in business administration from the Kelce College of Business in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, which he earned in 2013.

Jowi Zaza’s Career/ professional life

Jowi Zaza is the current Chief Executive Officer of Jezco Oil Nigeria Ltd, which he inherited from his father, Joseph Ezeokafor (Snr.)


In 1980, Jowi Zaza’s father created Jezco Oil. In 1988, the company was completely licenced as an oil service company and an independent marketer of petroleum products after eight years.

Jowi Zaza Biography   

Jowi Zaza family

Jowi Zaza’ Family  includes his wife, girlfriend, and children.


As of the time of writing, Jowi Zaza is not married, and there are no reports that he has children.

Jowi Zaza Sister 

Ezeokafor Blessing is Jowi Zaza’s sister. She is presently employed for Jezco Oil Nigeria Ltd as an Executive Director.

Jowi Zaza Lifestyle  ( The way of life of Jowi Zaza )

Jowi Zaza is well-known for flaunting his opulent lifestyle on social media. With over 350K Instagram followers and counting, his jealous photos of pricey trips and cars have made him into a social media celebrity of some sort.


Jowi Zaza Net Worth.

According to current estimates of his net worth, Jowizaza is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most powerful young billionaires, with an estimated net worth in  of $80 million dollars at the time of this writing. He serves as the chairman of Jezco Oil and Gas, which was founded by his father, Boss Sir Joseph Ezeokafor, and is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Jowi Zaza’s cars and houses

Jowi Zaza’s fleet of cars comprises some of the most costly cars and SUVs on the market, including Lamborghini, Benz, Bentley, G Wagon, and Rolls Royces, among many others.

Jowi Zaza is currently based in the United Kingdom, however she spends a significant lot of time in Nigeria. He owns a home in the United Kingdom and a villa on Lagos’ Banana Island.

Jowi Zaza also owns a home in the United States and a mansion in Lekki’s Chevron Drive.

Jowi Zaza’s social media and phone number

Jowi Zaza is active on social media. His Instagram handle is @jowizazaa and his Twitter handle is @jowizazaa.

Jowi Zaza’s phone number is currently private.

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Jowi Zaza / Jowizazaa father, Chief Joseph Ebere EzeOkafor (Snr.) is an Anambra born Nigerian billionaire from Ekwulobia, Anambra State.

****Jowi Zaza Biography   

Who is Jowi Zaza Father

Jowi Zaza Father Net Worth

He is the founder of Jezco Oil and the father of Nigerian businessman and socialite Jowi Zaza. Chief Joseph EzeOkafor has been called “the father of Nigerian business.” Chief EzeOkafor was born on April 30, 1952, in Lagos, Nigeria.

There is little information available on Chief EzeOkafor’s early career and commercial ventures. Jezco Oil & Lubricants, on the other hand, was the company that he created in 1980.

In 1988, Jezco Oil and Lubricants was fully licenced as an oil service company as well as an independent marketer of petroleum products, according to the state of California. In the following years, he established Jezco Plastic Manufacturing. He is said to be the owner of a fuel dispenser assembly plant, according to speculations.

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Chief Joseph EzeOkafor has been awarded the chieftain’s title of Nwachinemelu Ekwulobia, which means “chieftain of the people.”

Jowizaza Father Net Worth

Chief EzeOkafor net worth, founder of Jezco oil, Chief Joseph EzeOkafor is estimated to worth $2 Billion


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