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How Senator Ovie Omo-Agege looted Delta and extorted contractors as Executive Secretary



By Sanco Ese.


How can a third-class degree holder from the University of Benin and a pass at the Nigerian Law School graduate keep on dishing out deliberate falsehoods and unverified claims against a sitting governor and an incoming governor, all in a bid to score cheap political points?.


Somebody should tell Sen. Ovie Omo Agege that he should spare us his crocodile tears and be rest assured that Deltans are too big, too intelligent, too experienced, and too forthright to fall into any trap.



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His vicious attack on Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and Rt. Hon. Francis Sheriff Oborevwori is not and can never be part of his manifesto for what he intends to do for Deltans if they vote him to power, and they never will be.

Both men have made their mark in the political space of Delta State and Nigeria, and no amount of blackmail or deformation of character will save him from the imminent humiliation he will face at the poll come February 2023. It is impossible to castrate a lion, render it impotent, or silence its roar.


He goes around criticising every good move of the Delta State Government by accusing them of corruption, nepotism, waste, incompetence, and a lack of accountability.

These are the same crimes the APC-led government has been committing against the Nigerian state for over seven years and counting.

Can anybody be more corrupt than Omo Agege, who held the position of Executive Secretary to the Governor for only 3 years and built multi-million naira houses and duplexes in choice places like Orogun, Effurun, and Abuja? Can he deny the monies used were not from the proceeds of corruption?


It is still on record that Omo-Agege is an extortionist who extorted contractors in Delta State from 2004 to 2007 and made all the contractors execute substandard jobs when he called the shots while in government.

He virtually hijacked all government projects and turned the state into an abandoned project due to excessive greed and kickbacks he received from

contractors while in government.
Besides, if anybody should accuse anyone of betrayal, it certainly should not be Omo Agege. Doing that is turning logic on its head.


Can anybody be more wicked than Ovie Omo-Agege, who betrayed his benefactor, Chief James Ibori, by releasing sensitive documents to the EFFC and stabbing the man who gave him his Senate ticket, Great Ogboru, in the back?
Why is Omo-Agege pretending to be a moral barometer whereas he is an embodiment of treachery, self-centeredness, corruption, and wickedness?

He was a pest who destroyed government coffers between 2004 and 2007, and his house in Orhomuru-Orogun held more cash than what some three states could not boast of having. He hijacked projects, extorted contractors, and appropriated DESOPADEC as his cash cow.

It might interest Deltans to know that the reason why the Orogun polytechnic is still at the foundation stage is because Omo-Agege stole the 100 billion naira meant for the polytechnic in Orogun until the EFFC was to be told.


It is clear that the mental rigour and psychological strain of campaigning are weighing him down and becoming too much for him to bear. His only therapy is to be vindictive through telling lies, blaming, and transferring the burden of guilt to his opponents.

But hear this: despite all his evil antics, satanic powers, and deliberate delusions The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob shall rise to our defense, and the Lord of Hosts, the Ancient of Days, the God of the Armies of Israel, and He who holds the universe together by the power of His word shall lift us up to where we belong by his grace and mercies come February 2023.


Sanco Ese is the God’s Pen of Intervention, National Secretary, Delta Political Vanguard.


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