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How Kezia Irek Left Grace for Grass, As She Eyes N40m ill-Gotten Wealth



Latest update on Kezia Irek who left grace for grass


If divorced Kezia Irek knew that she was threading on a thorny path as she eyed over N40 million worth of property not belonging to her, she would have let sleeping dogs lie.

How on earth would a lady continuously nurse evil in her heart instead of offering a helping hand to one she had once said, I do, too?


Her numerous attempts to blackmail an innocent being, her false allegations against one who constantly showed her love while they dwell then as husband and wife, a union that was blessed with lovely children.

Kezia may be cooling off behind bars today having consented to the greed and vanity of life, it is a fervent prayer that when she eventually comes out, she will understand the difference between greed and equity.

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A lady who got blessed with a kind-hearted man as a husband then, but chose to allow vanity of vanities in this life to override her matrimonial obligations and outsmart her marital loyalty and submissions to the home in which the husband is supposed to be the king.

What a shame that Kezia did not wait patiently for genuine riches to come her way, instead took a deadly shortcut that has made the entire world turn against her.

Blessed with a friendly man then who cared and loved her, bought the property in her name, and showered her with riches. Amidst all these, Kezia, daughter of a renowned director in the Cross River State Civil Service, neglected but choose to abuse the entire affair with lies, scandals, threats, and marital defilement, while hanging out with what in her shortsightedness, appeared to be the best, only to her.
Boasting in a leaked telephone discussion with her alleged lover identified as Joseph, the lady was heard boasting: “God has blessed me with the property he (her then husband) bought when we were married that my name is on, so if I insist that he must share the property, I am worth N40.5 million now.”


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Recalling her glorious moments when her relationship with her then-husband exist, Kezia said, “I don’t regret marrying him. I have not reached that level, I believe that it was supposed to happen for wealth transfer, and for me to get this money that I am about to get, I would have regretted if I am going empty.”

Continuing, the elated lady via the phone conversation argued, “how else would I have started my business if I don’t have the capital for God’s sake,” admitting that “my mind is being blown right now, it is like N40 million worth of experience, it is like Big Brother.”


Referring to the seeming fortune as “a great wealth transfer,” a word she continuously used as the conversation lasted, the lady admitted that, “after cursing him, I am taking away his children.”

Not done with her threats, she had intimated to her lover then that “this is even less as I am going to ruin his reputation, oh my God, every social media.” This, she never forget doing as she used various social media platforms to ridicule her then-husband, made nonsense of him, falsely accused him of various degrees of molestation on her, and even inscribed the man’s family name in a black sheet.

Her alleged lover too, in the conversation so leaked, was heard shouting and applauding the actions and plans of his mistress as he used words like “you are a rich woman, I am happy for you, congratulations my dear, congratulations my boss, you will be fine at the end of the day, you are a strong woman.”


To buttress that the lady’s mother had a thorough knowledge of the illegal affair between the said Joseph and her daughter during the period, the leaked conversation also revealed her smart moves to protect the lovers not to be trapped in their shady deals then. What a mother!

Mumsy called me that night and said Joseph, don’t call Kezia at all, don’t call her number and I was sleeping in the night when she called me and I was like okay,” Lover Joseph informed, through the leaked conversation.

The said Joseph further reminded his alleged lady lover, “you know you sent a message through your mum line that I shouldn’t text you and I didn’t text that line again because I just said, Oh Kezia something is wrong.”

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Kenzia who once spent a luxurious stint in Dubai through her then-husband, Robinson is now cooling in the grass of Suleija prison in line with the court order as she eyes N40m ill-gotten wealth. Kezia’s scenario is, however, an exemplary discourse of the young flirting ladies looming to defy the loyal integrity of a nobleman.


The estranged wife, Kenzia, in the leaked audio was captured discussing issues surrounding the pictures with her lover, especially the nudes she took in Dubai during one of the trips with her then-husband and exchanging same with her lover.

Below is the leaked audio discussion…


“He doesn’t know the kind of pictures I was taking, he knows not my past, if he knows he will know that that one is small,” Kezia boasted.
According to her, the one with him (then husband) is not bad, even though I am covered ooo. My bombom is covered, my boobs are covered, I used emojis on them, but it’s so fine.”

Responding, her lover said,

I have the pictures, I still have those your private pictures, except you want me to send it to you,” adding that, “I have the ones you took in Dubai, something wey we dey use just dey look, na him he want to go and post?”


By David Peter


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