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Ernest Shonekan Biography: 10 Things you should know about, Ex-Interim Head of States



Chief Ernest Shonekan biography, State Of Origin, Administration, profile, age can be accessed here.

Shonekan, the former Interim Head of States, has been confirmed dead. 

Punch News Ng gathered the ex-Interim Head of States died in Lagos at the age of 85.

Here are some facts and Wiki about  Shonekan that you probably didn’t know:


  1. On May 9, 1936, Chief Ernest Shonekan GCFR was born.

  2. In 1981, he was given the title of Abuse of Egbaland (in addition to a variety of other chieftaincy titles).


  1. He attended CMS Grammar School and Igbobi College for his secondary education.
  2. He graduated from the University of London with a law degree and was admitted to the bar. He went on to Harvard Business School after that.

Ernest Shonekan Interim Government

  1. He was the former interim Head of State in Nigeria. Ernest Shonekan administration from August 26 to November 17, 1993, and was a lawyer and statesman.

  1. Shonekan was the chairman of the INC, which succeeded General Ibrahim Babangida’s military junta.

  2. Before entering politics, Shonekan was the chairman and CEO of the United African Company of Nigeria (the successor to the Royal Niger Company), a massive Nigerian conglomerate that was at the time the largest African-controlled company in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  3. Three months into his presidency, Shonekan was deposed by Abacha in a palace coup in November 1993.

  4. In 1994, he founded the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, a think-tank and advocacy group for private-sector-led economic development in Nigeria.

  5. After Queen Elizabeth II and Gen. Yakubu Gowon, he was the third-oldest surviving Head of State in terms of age (Rtd).

Ernest Shonekan State Of Origin

He was born, 9 May 1936 in Lagos, Western Region, British Nigeria. (now Lagos, Nigeria)

Ernest Shonekan Age

The former Interim Head of States was 86 years old before death snatched him.

Ernest Shonekan Net Worth.

His network is not yet estimated. But he is worth over ₦8billion, including Investments and Properties


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