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Emilokan, Where Are Your Certificates — Reno Omokri Questions Tinubu

The controversy surrounding Tinubu's educational history came to the forefront through a flashback post on Omokri's verified Facebook account, as reported by News Week Nigeria.



Emilokan, Where Are Your Certificates — Reno Omokri Questions Tinubu


In a viral post which has flooded the social media space, Reno Omokri, the controversial UK-based Nigerian and social media influencer, has directed a sharp question at Bola Tinubu, raising concerns about the authenticity of the presidential candidate’s academic records.


The controversy surrounding Tinubu’s educational history came to the forefront through a flashback post on Omokri’s verified Facebook account, as obtained by News Week Nigeria.



Omokri’s Facebook post boldly accused Tinubu of lacking the necessary certificates to back his claims. In his words, he challenged the politician, stating;

“Emilokan, where are your certificates? The only reason Tinubu is now claiming that he did not attend any primary or secondary school is because if he comes clean about his early education, it will expose other lies he has told Nigerians about his true age and name. Tinubu, what is your real name and age?”

Furthermore, Omokri raised questions about the plausibility of Tinubu being accepted into a university without presenting prerequisite certificates. He went on to demand that Tinubu disclose the names of his primary and secondary schools, suggesting that this information could help verify his claims.


Omokri expressed concerns about a potential repeat of the controversy surrounding President Buhari’s educational qualifications and urged Tinubu to provide proof of his academic credentials.



Omokri’s strong stance on this issue is evident in his statement;

“Are Nigerians going to vote for a man who did not exist until he miraculously jumped primary and secondary school and went straight to university? A ghost? Look at where the certificate-less Buhari has led us. Bola Tinubu show us your certificates!


See screenshots of the posts below….


News Week Nigeria investigated the matter further and reported that officials from Chicago State University (CSU), where Tinubu claimed to have graduated, unequivocally stated during a deposition that the certificate presented by Tinubu to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was not issued by their institution.


Interestingly, in a twist to the story, Omokri, who has previously been a vocal supporter of Atiku Abubakar in Nigerian politics, confirmed that Tinubu did, in fact, graduate from Chicago State University. He made this confirmation despite the CSU registrar’s affirmation that the certificate was not issued to Tinubu by the university.


The ongoing dispute over Bola Tinubu’s academic credentials raises questions about transparency and accountability in Nigerian politics as the 2023 presidential elections draw nearer.



Nigerians await further clarification from Tinubu’s camp on this matter, hoping for a resolution to the controversy surrounding his educational background.


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