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EFCC Must Arrest Godswill Akpabio for Taking N1 Billion Bribe To Screen Ministerial Nominees – Bayo



Allegations of Corruption and Impunity Cast Shadows Over Nigerian Senate Nomination Process.


By Bayo Oluwasanmi


Recent reports by SaharaReporters have shed light on a concerning practice within the Nigerian Senate’s nomination process for ministerial positions.





Rather than engaging in substantive questioning of ministerial nominees, the tradition has allegedly evolved into a system where bribes are solicited and paid, followed by a perfunctory “take a bow and go” procedure. This revelation has ignited discussions about the entrenched corruption and impunity within Nigeria’s political landscape.


SaharaReporters’ article published on August 9, 2023, claimed that each senator received N2 million from an individual, identified as Akpabio, who reportedly amassed N1 billion from ministerial nominees. The Senators allegedly referred to this action as a form of blackmail, suggesting that they were manipulated into accepting meager sums while Akpabio pocketed the bulk of the bribe money.


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The audacity of such an operation raises concerns about the extent of corruption within the political system. Akpabio’s alleged manipulation of the ministerial nominee screening process not only undermines the Senate’s credibility but also underscores a larger problem of systemic corruption plaguing Nigeria’s political elite.


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This latest incident adds to a long history of politicians engaging in corrupt practices for personal gain. While the present generation of politicians seems to have elevated this practice to new heights, Akpabio’s alleged scheme is particularly brazen.



By monetizing his senatorial duties, he appears to have perpetuated a cycle of corruption that exacerbates Nigeria’s challenges at a time when the nation is grappling with multiple crises.



The consequences of such corruption are dire. While Akpabio and his colleagues in the Senate enjoy substantial salaries, allowances, and perks, ordinary Nigerian families continue to endure poverty, hunger, limited access to essential services, and subpar living conditions. The growing wealth disparity between politicians and the general population threatens the nation’s stability and future prospects.


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Amidst these allegations, the Nigerian political landscape is overshadowed by greed, ambition, and a lack of ethical integrity. Calls for accountability have become more urgent, and the actions of figures like Akpabio undermine the public’s faith in the political system’s ability to deliver positive change.


Bayo Oluwadamilare
Bayo Oluwasanmi


In this context, the role of law enforcement agencies, particularly the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), becomes paramount. Allegations of widespread corruption, especially those involving significant sums of money, demand thorough investigation and appropriate legal action. The selective approach to pursuing cases must be addressed to ensure that justice is administered fairly and consistently.



Ultimately, the exposure of these alleged corrupt practices highlights the pressing need for systemic reforms that promote transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership within Nigeria’s political sphere. Without meaningful change, the cycle of corruption risks perpetuating a future that remains bleak for the Nigerian population.



Bayo Oluwasanmi is a political analyst , reach him via [email protected]


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