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Cross River 2023: PDP Guber Candidate, Sandy Onor Meets Business Owners in Calabar 



Senator Sandy Onor, the PDP governorship candidate in Cross River State met with business owners in Calabar, the Cross River State capital.




The Nkonip Hall in Ikot Ansa was already filled to the outer fringes even before Senator Onor and his Deputy Governor designate swept into the arena, and a conspiratorial whispering campaign was afoot in the Hall with enthusiastic participants validating the certainty of a Sandy Onor governorship. Cecil Ita, Willy Okokon, Bassey Ekefre, Ubong Harry, Ntufam Okon Ekpo and a host of others were on hand to set things aright.


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Then the Irunando blew in like a tempest, in all his substantial physical quantity and intellectual clout, upsetting all previously held stock opinions and trenchant battlements. The way he held himself, the measured cadences of his speech, the poignancy of his delivery and the natural simplicity, without affectation, without pomp or circumstance, crowned him Governor-in-waiting. There was no bombast, no grammatical turgidity, no make-belief. Just a countryman’s conversation with his people for whom his passion soars. By his side was Emmana Duke Armawhe, the running mate, beautiful like an artwork, polite and refined as only an Efik lady can be and intelligent to boot.



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As Ntufam Dr. Francis O. Effiom told the audience, the occasion was intended for the business community to exchange ideas with the man who wanted to lead, since political power was only second to the power of God. The manufacturing Association of Nigeria, Calabar Chamber of Commerce, the artisans, tailors, mechanics, market women, keke owners and riders, taxi drivers, tipper association, and other traders were all represented in the meeting. “The present government has used too much of grammar to confuse us, please let this not be another round of grammar. ”





Ken Asim Ita who represented the Calabar Chamber of Commerce, said that MSMEs employed about 86 percent of all workers in Cross River State. According to him, the business environment has not been favourable in terms of access to finance, access to markets, strangulating multiple taxation and poor government policies. While the representative of non bank micro finance association, Pastor Theodore Ebuta pointed out that this was the first time a governorship candidate was interacting with the business community in this way. The president of Timber Dealers Association, and clanhead of Uyangha, Chief Effiong Ewa Ebani, accused the forestry Commission of failing in it’s duty to control the wood business by allowing all kinds of people to invade the forest.


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Responding, Mrs Emmana Amarwe pointed out that lack of the will to follow through with its own policies by the state government was the reason why private businesses were suffering. “Our access to the ocean, our mineral endowments and tourism potential are our sure bet for prosperity if well harnessed. We are prepared to do things differently. We will listen to you and we will do your wish”.





When Senator Sandy began to speak the audience erupted in excitement and chants of PDP filled the air. “I like politics of truth. Hit the nail on the head. Our greatest problem as a state is lack of courage. We moan, we complain, we murmur, but we don’t say it as it is. When I was in government with Imoke, the bureau for investment was strong, the office for due process was about the best in the country, but today our tax system has been bastardized, our internally generated revenue has been personalized. I’m a professor, but there are professors and there are professors. I know what proper governance means to rural people and small scale businesses.”


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“What is going on in this APC government is that there is a gap between the government and the people. You cannot sit in Calabar and continue to pontificate on what the people need. It is the people who tell government what they need. The people may not need the super highway, they may not need an airport, what they need are small projects.You can harvest the forest in a sustainable manner, not to destroy everything just to make profit. There is a forest in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. Tourists come from all over the world to see it. We won’t stop your trade but we will transform it into a more sustainable way. In this governance of falsehood they don’t mean what they say and they don’t say what they mean. Their candidate will not be different. If they knew he will be different they wouldn’t have given him the ticket anyway.”



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“You must refuse to be intimidated. The police are paid to protect you, not to intimidate you. Cultists are not spirits, stand up to them. We will win the elections and we will change the story of Cross River State because God is always on the side of truth. God is on our side.”



DOMINIC KIDZU Reporting, Calabar .

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