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BREAKING: “I must be President of Nigeria, I’m not joking — Peter Obi declares

"Anyone who believes I'm in transit is wasting his time, said Obi. I must be the president of this nation, let me tell you that. I am certain of that. If not now, it will definitely happen tomorrow.



I must be President of Nigeria — Peter Obi declares




Mr. Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State and the Labour Party’s candidate for president in the most recent election, has insisted that he must be Nigeria’s president.



Obi, who is in court alongside Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the election winner, claimed he is spiritually certain that Tinubu will win.



News Week Nigeria report that the LP candidate gave a speech at the Awka, Anambra State, book launch for “Peter Obi: Many Voices, One Perspective,” which was written in his honour.



“Anyone who believes I’m in transit is wasting his time, said Obi. I must be the president of this nation, let me tell you that. I am certain of that. If not now, it will definitely happen tomorrow.


“Those who are interested in becoming should come and explain to us what they want to do and how to go about it. I do not hold dual citizenship; this is my country. Anybody who believes I’m going to flee Nigeria is lying.




“Today, I have three appointments in Lagos and Anambra. Tonight I’ll be giving a speech in Lagos. We won’t depart from Nigeria. While I am not in a rush to become president, I am aware that it must happen.



“I spent three years fighting the legal system in Anambra to reclaim my governorship. Many people tried to dissuade me, but I responded that even if it takes the entire four years of my tenure for us to establish our case and change the system, I will be happy.


“Let’s do what is right, is my position. I always make it clear to people that I won’t give them money to commit crimes. Prof. Mahmood was a member of the committee I chaired, the TETFUND committee. We are familiar with one another, but I have never met him since he became INEC chairman. You’re an umpire, just do what’s right, I told him.




“If you have the chance to act morally but choose not to, eventually everyone will be consumed by anarchy. I’m adamant that we must act morally.


“I attended a World Food Organisation event yesterday in Abuja. According to a report I heard, Nigeria will experience severe hunger in the years to come.


“Nigeria, not Peter Obi, will experience hunger. According to the report, Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe will be the hardest hit states, but their combined land area is five times that of Israel, and while Egypt exports food, Nigeria is unable to feed itself.




“As a result, we must develop the habit of acting morally. One day, it will consume us if we don’t act morally.



In her remarks, Prof. Chinyere Okunna, one of the book’s editors, stated that the book’s launch was intended to raise money for the financing of the case before the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT).


“We have faith in Obi. While none of the candidates for president come close to him in terms of humility, education, love of the people, experience, and knowledge, he is not a saint.




“We want to support him through this launch because litigation is a very capital-intensive project. Obi won the election without a doubt, but we want to ask the judiciary to be fair in its decisions and do the right thing, she said.


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