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BREAKING: 24-year-old undergraduate Murdered by her lover In Benin


A man named John Aipoh, who is 27 years old, was detained in Edo state on suspicion of murdering his lover, Precious Ikpikhumi, who was 24 years old, after she broke off their four-year relationship. Precious Ikpikhumi and John Aipoh had been together for four years.


Precious, a student in her final year at the Institute of Health Technology at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, was reported missing by her family on May 1 after she went to church and did not return home. Precious is a final-year student.

After a thorough investigation, the police tracked down John, who confessed to ambushing Precious as she made her way to church on May 1, taking her to an unfinished building where he murdered her, and then fleeing to an unknown location. The police were able to apprehend John as a result of the investigation.


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It was discovered that Precious and John had been at odds with one another over a number of issues. It got to the point where Precious sent a voice message to a friend, expressing her fears that John would kill her for ending their relationship. In the message, Precious said that she was afraid that John would kill her.

It was mentioned by her;

“What I need you to know is that it isn’t these two boys who are forcing me to do these things. I’ve been telling John for a very long time. I am unable to inform him I’m bored of the connection as a result of he is the one who approached me and may determine when it ends, in accordance with John. I knowledgeable him that even when he pressured me thus far him, he could not pressure me to marry him. We’d relatively have a damaged relationship than


I’m afraid I can’t. I won’t let myself die. I’m aware that it wouldn’t go over well with him if he actually hurts or kills me as a consequence of my refusal to continue on with him. Over his head, my blood will always be crying out. I’m sorry to say that I can’t. I won’t let myself die.

I have made up my mind; if I am going to perish in this relationship, a fly that does not hear the word will follow the body into the grave. I have decided that I will put up with it because I do not pay attention to anything John says to me.”

After the breakup of their relationship, it was reported that Precious disappeared into the shadows; however, John managed to locate her.


After the college student broke off their relationship, the perpetrator, a man of 24 years old, took his own life in Benin City (pictures)

On May 1, 2022, an enraged John made the decision to fulfil his promise to “end her” by dragging her to an unfinished building and suffocating her with her scarf. He did this because he wanted to keep his word. After that, he devised a plan to arrive at an unknown location.

After he was taken into custody, John directed the law enforcement officers to the unfinished building where he had disposed of Precious’ dead body.


After being questioned, John, who was discovered with Precious’ telephones, stated that he had killed her in a fit of rage after she broke off their four-year relationship. Precious’ phones had been found in John’s possession.

The body of Precious has been transported to the mortuary, and the suspect has been apprehended and will be brought before the court as soon as possible to face charges for her death.

This is the most recent report from Naija News Today on the death of a student in Benin who was 24 years old and was killed by her lover.



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