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APC Move To Stop Buhari From Going To Other Rallies With Tinubu’ After Telling Nigerians Not To Vote for Fraudulent Presidential Candidate



APC leaders are discussing how to stop President Buhari from attending other rallies with Tinubu’ after he told the people not to vote for a fraudulent presidential candidate.


Don’t Vote For A Fraudulent Presidential Candidate —Buhari  

The Delta Commissioner for Information and the spokesperson of the Atiku Okowa campaign council, Charles Aniagwu has alleged that they are being told that President Muhammadu Buhari is about to be cut off from the Tinubu/Shettima campaign rallies after what he said at Adamawa.


Some APC governors are working for Atiku — Northern Senator reveals 

If you would recall that President Muhammadu Buhari told the people to vote for candidates with credibility in their constituencies in the upcoming election. Charles stated that Tinubu and his associates are dissatisfied with thepresident’s neutral stance and refusal to endorse the former Lagos governor.


Don’t Vote For A Fraudulent Presidential Candidate —Buhari  


He said: ”Buhari is believed to have what we call a standby voting army of about 12 million votes. That voting army todayhase not been inherited by the APCpresidentiall candidate. What Buhari did in Adamawa by asking people to vote for candidates with credibility must have hurt the APC so bad. And so we heard yesterday that the APC are discussing on how to stop Buhari from going to other rallies with Tinubu. And this is because they saw that he did not favour them at all in the recent ones.”


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